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Graham and June Gugger

share memories and mischief with Vernon Knight
While flowers regularly conspire to help win a heart, John Gugger (known as Graham) clearly felt that the whole shop might be needed to ensure that June Gogoll did not escape his attention.

It not only succeeded with their nuptials, it also established an enduring partnership in the form of Gugger’s Floral Dell. It would be a business that would encourage many other young couples in their pursuit of romance over the next of fifty years! I am chatting at this stage with June Gugger (nee Gogoll), who is just back on her feet after a fall in January which resulted in a fractured knee cap. It was an accident which would impact enormously on the lives of both June and Graham. Graham and June were happily settled in retirement at The Vines Retirement Village when Graham fell victim to glaucoma and macular degeneration, resulting eventually in total blindness. His challenges were compounded by the onset of Parkinson’s disease. June’s accident meant that she could no longer provide him with the care he needed, and Graham moved to Princes Court Homes. But back now to the flowers and a romance which bloomed in 1956.

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