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Geoff Linton

shares his journey with Ross Lake
Personal and Friendly!

When the longtime residents of Mildura get to walk or drive around our town, with the good fortune of having lived here for several decades, they get to see the familiar built and natural environment of the present. However, the changing layers of Mildura’s settlement; it’s people, places and the events that have come and gone over the years of their residency can often be seen as lingering shadows. It might be a past meeting place, an historical incident or the often-changing commercial streetscapes that jog their mind’s stored bank of recollections. But, in Eighth Street, there was a place that for over fifty years has remained determinably the same. It was there on the corner of what is now Linton’s Lane, the lane that truncates at the rear of the Grand Hotel off Eighth Street between Langtree Avenue and Deakin Avenue. It wasn’t always called Linton’s Lane. Maybe the Linton family’s commercial presence for such a long period left local government with no option but to acknowledge one of its longtime commercial residents and community stalwarts.

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