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Heather McKenzie

in conversation with Vernon Knight
These are my angels in the far west, and I say again, they are the best! 

The notes provided by Murray House spoke of a lady born in Ballarat who later lived in numerous Mallee towns. After her marriage to Loughlin, the couple tried farming in various locations. When this did not work out, the couple moved to Curlwaa, NSW. After living for a time with Loughlin’s mother, the couple built their own home on the highway between Curlwaa and Wentworth. After moving to Wentworth, Loughlin would later make the move to Darwin. Heather opted to stay in Wentworth where she has lived for more than fifty years. Heather and Loughlin eventually separated. It doesn’t take long to discover that there is much more to this story and a lot more to discover in relation to this remarkable lady! Now in her nineties, Heather is bubbly, sharp and talkative with an abundance of stories to share.

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