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Betty Battle

recollections shared with Ann Bowen
“Just remember to hold on tight. They can be quite slippery”, said Dr Johnnie.

“To help with the delivery of that dear little baby girl, was the most wonderful experience of my life. I was elated. I am still elated, thinking about it! Even though I have had my own children, this was just something else”, recalls Betty, “As if it happened yesterday”. All Betty ever wanted was to become a nurse. She had been inspired by a close family friend, Mavis Fox. Betty wanted to be a nurse, just like Mavis. But Betty’s mother would not allow her to do nursing training as it would have meant living away from home. Her mother simply said, “A lady sleeps only in her own bed, at home”. Elizabeth Joan Dunn was born on July 17, 1928 at Swan Hill. Betty’s mother, Emily Elizabeth, affectionately called her Betty Bobzachat, often shortened to Betty Bob. (Emily was known as Snow). One of three siblings, Betty referred to herself as the middle pin.

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