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Elizabeth Maffei

in conversation with Christine Knight
You can’t go to that place!

That Liz O’Brien would come to Mildura as a young woman seeking to establish a career in radio was against all the odds. Liz’s first job was in the library of the Department of Labour and National Service where she often spoke to the then Minister, Harold Holt in the lift. However, Liz’s ambition had always been to study journalism at university. That aspiration was quashed when she was told that it wasn’t a role for women and that she would most likely be doing the social pages and making morning tea. That prediction did not appeal so Liz attended a radio school and was subsequently offered a position at Mildura Radio Station 3MA. Her mother’s response was even less encouraging… “You can’t go to THAT place! They tar and feather people!” But ignoring all the warnings, Liz left home in 1954 at the age of 23 to take up a position at radio station 3MA, Mildura.

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