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Barrie MacMillan

chats with Bob Fleiner
Ridding the land of foxes – a long family tradition!

Barrie MacMillan is a ‘local’, born at the Mildura Base Hospital in Thirteenth Street. Now aged 82, he resides in Princes Court Village – next door to the old Base Hospital. In between these addresses are a host of locations around the world where his work was destined to take him! We will briefly visit some of those locations later as Barrie reflects on his work in countries where communication was dependent on hand signs and there were obvious conflicts with the ideologies which had shaped his life in Australia. But in following Barrie’s ancestry, we go back to the north of Scotland. Barrie’s great great-grandfather Ewan McMillan was born in Scotland in 1780. As a young man, he worked managing the estates of wealthy landowners as a shepherd, a game keeper and fox hunter. His son John, born in 1816, probably followed in the footsteps of his father.

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