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Kay Turvey

in conversation with Sue Rochester
No problems… Just solutions that haven’t been found!

It was a pleasant sun-soaked afternoon in August 2021 when I met my storyteller, Kay Turvey, née Higgins, and formerly Hamilton and Bobtschinski. We sat at a table in the coffee shop courtyard at Chaffey Aged Care in Merbein. The birds were chirping around us. I was immediately reminded of the old adage; first impressions are lasting ones. My first impressions of Kay were of an extremely approachable, chatty, and charismatic woman and those first impressions have not changed. I am a year and bit younger than Kay, and while I mostly have walked a safe straight line throughout my life, Kay has actively veered away from the gender expectations of being born in the late 1950’s, where a woman’s place was in the home. Our teenage years coincided with the Women’s Liberation Movement, and even now Kay is constantly searching for challenges to triumph over and those challenges have been many. I hope you, the reader, enjoy learning about this far from average woman.

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