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Alice Griffiths

shares her life journey with Sandra Bailey-Haynes
What Alice loves most, is LIFE.

A small suitcase with its lid firmly held in place by a striped belt is held in a small hand. Hanging over her shoulder by a piece of string is the regulation gas mask and held tightly in her left hand is the little hand of her baby brother. As they walked behind their father in a reluctant pace, the thin young girl lifts her eyes to see so many other children ahead. It was what lay ahead that changed the life of not only this young girl, her brother and that of her parents but would also form a memory of a life lived through the Great Depression, World War Two, struggles through uncertainty, happiness, camaraderie, love, loss, loneliness and wonder. Alice Bridget O’Donnell was born in London on May 11, 1928, at 30 Paddington Green, England. Her mother was Katherine (Kate) Angus O’Donnell (Callaghan) who was born on August 29, 1908. Her father was James John O’Donnell who was born on November 11, 1906.

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