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Geoffrey Pollock

in conversation with Mary Talent and Denise McCarthy
Who dobbed me in?

“Who dobbed me in?” was the question asked when I visited Geoff at Murray House Aged Care in Wentworth. He seemed surprised that I wanted to hear his story and that it was going to be included in the next Mallee Living Histories book. Likewise, I was surprised when the door was opened by this lively, well-spoken man as in his arms was his devoted companion, a fluffy little white dog named Dory. By my calculations Geoff is in his mid-80’s but his slim physique, sky-blue eyes and thick well-groomed hair belie his age. His small room, which he shares with Dory, was immaculately tidy with a large collection of his photos, books, and memorabilia. Straight away Geoff informed me that his recent memory was shot, meaning not good, but he can remember his early days clearly. Fantastic, that was what I had come to try and collect.

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