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Keith Hill

in conversation with Christine Leamon & Christine Knight
You never go anywhere your brain hasn’t been first!

Keith met his wife to be Trish “rolling around and fighting” on the judo floor! Keith was 20 and Trish was 16. They had met previously when Keith was the caller for square dancing, but he had another girlfriend at that time. Keith often wore his Army Reserve uniform to the dances and Trish admits that “she’d had her eye on him, as she was a sucker for a man in uniform!” Keith was determined to see her and after looking her up in the phone book, he checked out her address on the town map at the Mildura Post Office and turned up in time to take her to judo! Trish was stunned! Keith and Trish were married in 1972 and have a daughter Mandy and two lovely grandchildren. Keith was born 1948 in Mildura, the second son of Arthur and Rose Hill. His older brother John was born in 1946, Ross followed Keith in 1954 and David in 1956. They all grew up on the family property on the corner of Eleventh Street and Riverside Avenue, in the home that his father built before he was married and where he developed a poultry farm.

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