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Erna Mead

in conversation with Gwen Cooke
We’ll break-out the tap shoes!

Erna Mead will celebrate her 100th birthday 13 April 2022, and planning is already in hand! “We may even break out the tap shoes!” Erna is a bright, intelligent and happy Mallee Woman! Her memory and attention to detail of people she knows, people she has heard about and the many friends she has made along her long and fulfilling life journey, is to be envied. In her 97th year she is a cheerful and contented resident at Princes Court Aged Care where she says, “I am surrounded by so many nice people. All the lovely staff are my friends. She enjoys her interaction with the staff and residents and loves visits from friends and family. Erna appreciates her meals and provides a ‘thumbs up or down report’ on each meal she has (or has not) enjoyed, wherever she eats! Erna’s story is her recollections and memories over a long and happy lifetime. We agreed that this story would be about a fabulous Mallee woman – Erna Mead. Solemnly declaring that her priority was always her husband Bob and their family, Erna admits that their love of dancing became a lifeline that buoyed them through their many years together. Erna was born in Melbourne. Her parents lost their first born during a heat wave, a tiny girl, who lived five days. To ease their anxiety, they decided to travel to Melbourne to have their next baby, Erna, who proved to be a robust little girl.

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